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Titolo : Impariamo a ridurre le plastiche in mare

Salve a tutti. Noi crediamo che l'educazione ambientale in tutte le scuole di ogni ordine e grado sia un processo irrinunciabile e che l'esempio valga più di mille parole. Siamo arrivati a oltre 4000 firme ma continuiamo a raccoglierle con la speranza che la classe politica al di là delle promesse comprenda realmente l'emergenza che viviamo, ed agisca,speriamo, con maggiore coscienza
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Ocean4future: How May You support the 2017 Campaign NO PLASTIC AT SEA

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If you are reading this newsletter means that you are interested in this campaign. The worldwide situation is critical and all over the world are increasing outreach activities and social engagement to tackle Plastic at Sea.


what was found in a bird stomach …

Plastic Islands float in 6 huge gyro vortexes in the Ocean, grinding plastic debris in small particles that are swallowed by bird, turtles and fish. A carelessly discarded plastic bag and bottles can break down in the sea, but the natural biodegradation process releases toxic chemicals that may be digested by fish and end up in the human food chain. Research released a year ago found there were more than 5 tons in pieces of plastic floating in these huge vortexes, many only 5 mm across. These beads have porosities that may inglobe toxins as DDT and other cancerogenous substances. That is the reason why we want to do our part, trying to go from words to actions.

Think, It is not my business, it is Our business in order to give a future to the next generations.


To this end, I have launched this campaign based on three projects:

  • Divulgation
  • Direct action
  • Media


It is not necessary to participate in all three projects. Choose the one or those you find most suitable for your needs and availaibility. There are NO deadlines. You can do it any time you feel comfortable and/or able to do it.  In case You share our mission but you are not able to participate, please think to make a small donation by this link (by Gofundme.com with a minimum 5 USD or 5 euro). Thanks to support us.

Remember, more than a simple campaign must be a change of mindset for a better future.

Details of execution as follows

Be aware. Each of you can be a tremendous witness towards your community, workplace, friendships. Education is fundamental to change this evil course to self-destruction.

HOW COULD YOU HELP : Simply by preading the voice about Plastic at Sea problem. You can reach a number of people in your communities and inject more understanding of the problem. To support you, we have provided you the possibility to freely print our articles about this subject, by WWW.ocean4future.org printing option, to be able to properly organize your conferences. The goal is to widely divulgate the problem and act. We need to stress how small gestures, such as “not abandon waste in the environment” or “recycle”, can strongly  help to mitigate the plastic impact on the environment. If you will organize conferences in schools, please, be sure to involve the teachers. We are a NO profit community so a kind reference/mention to Ocean4future community is always appreciated.

WHERE: schools, clubs, associations, local communities, friend’s meeting …  everywhere you can talk about it. If you need advice we will try to send you more hints.

plastic sushi

Direct action
It can be performed by two different activities:

1. environmental monitoring of a beach (individually or in group)

HOW COULD YOU HELP : You can organize yourself as you feel more comfortable .. an easy way is to plant a stick in the sand (point A),  connect a long rope and roll stretched for 20 meters, tying the other end to another rod (point B). What you have drawn by this line is technically called a transect. To simplify your life, go parallel to the shoreline of the beach. Then start from A and mark the lines, every five meters or 15 ft, recording  the type and amount of waste observed (type and quantity in the right and left of the line). Beach monitoring can be extended to more transects. At the end, please put together all data and send a small report to andy.diver@yahoo.co.uk communicating  ONLY this information: WHO made the monitoring / WHEN / WHERE / WHAT WAS RECORDED (i.e. PLASTICS, GLASS, METAL, WOOD in %) / STATUS i.e. RECOVERED OR NOT RECOVERED/ANY  PROBLEMS

WHERE: Beaches and coasts including lakes, rivers and high seas

2. collection of waste on beaches or on the seabed.
Be aware, in some countries, this activity needs to be coordinated with local authorities. Also these results (with the same above mentioned information) must be sent by mail at infoocean4future@gmail.com .Data collected will be made to count on December 31st, 2017 and officially presented at the EUROPEAN DIVING SHOW 2018.


Internet is a tremendous source of information but should always be checked to avoid false information. However, it may provide opportunities to inform various players about real and present danger of the environment which can be enhanced by using photos and videos. That is what we do by daily articles on marine sciences education, amazing photos and stunning video.  For whom it concerns about our mission, I like to inform you that OCEAN4FUTURE is a worldwide no profit initiative. We are not an association or foundation. We are all volunteers, professionals connected by good will and motivation to save the Blue Planet. By our official site,  www.Ocean4future.org, we daily publish articles about marine sciences as well general education in order to get you more informed and make clear to everybody WHY Ocean is so important for our survival and HOW we can save our future. For your convenience an automatic language translation tool is available in 54 languages. Our official site last year (2016) collected more than 5 million of accesses. Besides Ocean education, every year We launch additional media campaigns to inform public opinion about ocean emergencies. They are called SAVE THE OCEAN by Oceandiver campaigns.  This year is dedicated to NO PLASTIC AT SEA.


HOW COULD YOU HELP : This year photo campaign is aimed to enhance the danger of PLASTIC AT SEA You are kindly requested to send your photos to infoocean4future@gmail.com preferably by May 1st, 2017 in order to plan further publishing on social network (FB and Twitter) as well on www.ocean4future.org.  Please note that everyone can participate and photos should include a message of yours to sensibilize public opinion. Again, you are going to be testimonials for next generation survival. Famous photographers, such as Christian Vizl Mc Gregor, Alberto Balbi, Pietro Cremone and Cristian Coulombe. Last but not the least, we are very grateful to the Foundation for Antarctic research, Inc. strongly supporting us in our media engagement.

Thanks for your help an to be a partner. Be smarter. Keep the future in your hands.

Andrea Mucedola
Ocean4future Director




garbace plastic in the ocean

In case You share our mission but you are not able to participate, please think to make a small donation by this link. We are all volunteers and all divulgation and education expenses are covered by us, including our official site yearly hosting, custom code changes and enhancements and maintenance costs. However, increasing costs and necessity to print educational significant papers  to be distributed in different communities require more funds. That is why We are kindly appealing to you to make a donation today by clicking this green link. Thank you very much for your attention.

2/1/2017 Rome

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If You Save the Ocean
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Salve a tutti. Permettetemi di presentare in breve questo sito. OCEAN4FUTURE è un portale, non giornalistico, che pubblica articoli e post di professionisti e accademici che hanno aderito ad un progetto molto ambizioso: condividere la cultura del mare in tutte le sue forme per farne comprendere la sua importanza.

Affrontiamo ogni giorno tematiche diverse che vanno dalla storia alle scienze, dalla letteratura alle arti.
Gli articoli e post pubblicati rappresentano l’opinione dei nostri autori e autrici (non necessariamente quella della nostra redazione), sempre nel pieno rispetto della libertà di opinione di tutti.
La redazione, al momento della ricezione degli stessi, si riserva di NON pubblicare eventuale materiale ritenuto da un punto di vista qualitativo non adeguato e/o non in linea per gli scopi del portale. Grazie di continuare a seguirci e condividere i nostri articoli sulla rete.

Andrea Mucedola

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